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Swissper is a fast, flexible and fully-secure Messaging app for iOS smartphones - downloadable in the App Store.

Swissper is focused on ease of use and provides all communication options - messaging, documents, images and video (Voice launching Autumn 2016)

Head-quartered out of London, UK, with infrastructure/servers hosted in Zurich, Switzerland.

One-to-one messaging while on the go.

Group messaging for flexible friends/family and work team collaboration.

Remote Deletion - Swissper Messenger has a unique Swipe Delete function and a Timed Delete which remove your sent messages from both the sender's and recipient's phone, including in Group Chat mode.

Powerful end to end encryption on 1-2-1 and group messaging - group messaging offers the same level of encryption and deletion, with full administration control allowing large groups to chat and send images and documents securely.

Multimedia - Swissper Messenger isn't just for text. You can send, images, videos and documents. All fully encrypted.

Where are your servers?
In Zurich, Switzerland.
Why Switzerland?
In Switzerland the right to privacy is guaranteed by article 13 of the Federal Constitution. This means that we will not and cannot reveal your private information.
You asked for access to my contacts list. What for and what do you do with them?
We collect only the minimum amount of information needed to help find people you know who are also using Swissper. We never share it, sell it or use it for any other purpose. The information we check is not stored on any of our servers. All the checking is done on your phone.
Do you store any information about me or my contacts?
We only store your phone number, which is also your username to login to your app. This information is stored as a long hash and encrypted so only our app can read it, no humans!
Do you store my messages?
Messages are only stored for as long as it takes to deliver them. Once delivered, both the message and all data about that message are erased. If a message cannot be delivered to the recipient within 72 hours (3 days) the message is deleted and the sender is notified to resend the message.
Could you read my messages while they are on your server?
No. We use a range of encryption algorithms and end to end encryption. This means that your device holds the key to unlock each message, not us!
How does Swissper work?
The simplest way to explain how we protect your data is that we use a 'Public' and 'Private' key encryption (Asymetric) method.

Your app generates a private key; this key is completely unique to your phone and cannot be guessed by anyone or Swissper. It's the most secure way to encrypt and decrypt messages that are sent and received by the Swissper application. The application then sets up an encrypted data tunnel from your phone to our servers and then from your phone to who you are sending a message to. We use tried and tested encryption called TLS, RSA and AES to encrypt the data and message, referred to as end-to-end encryption.

When you send a message you encrypt it using the public key and the only way to decrypt the message contents is to use the bespoke private key of the receiver. Anybody is able to encrypt a message but only the person who you want to read the message can decrypt the message contents. This also means that not even Swissper can see what messages you are sending. It's not only messages that can be encrypted, Swissper also encrypts images, documents and videos using this method of end-to-end encryption.
If someone intercepts my message can they read it?
No. Not without the two decryption keys. It is technically possible to decrypt your message without the keys however at current computing power it would take approximately 65 years.
Can I send a message to someone who isn't in my contacts list?
Yes. If you know their unique Swissper ID number.
Can someone I don't know contact me?
Yes. If they know your unique Swissper ID number.
Can I stop someone from contacting me?
Yes. If you remove someone from your contact list you have the option to block them from contacting you. If someone anonymous has contacted you through your Swissper ID number you can block them exactly the same way.
What if they un-join Swissper and then re-join with a new Swissper ID number?
The Swissper ID number is directly linked to the mobile device's phone number. Our server will recognise the phone number and identify it as the same user, so if you have blocked them they cannot contact you.
If I change my mind can I unblock them?
Yes. If they are in the main contact list on your phone you can add them back into your Swissper contacts list.
If I lose my phone could someone read my messages?
Only if your phone is unlocked. We recommend you activate both your iPhone autolock and use the optional Swissper Lock, this a four digit pin that is needed to open Swissper, for added security. If someone enters the wrong pin code 5 times the app will lockout for 5 minutes after a further 5 failed attempts you will be logged out of Swissper securing your messages from prying eyes. The Swissper application can also be unlocked using the iOS fingerprint recognition utility (only available on iOS 8). We also recommend that you activate 'Find my Phone' on your iPhone so that you can remotely lock and erase your iPhone if it is lost or stolen.
If I get a new phone can I copy my old messages onto it?
Sorry, no. For maximum security, your messages are not stored on our server and cannot be backed up to another computer. Also if you delete the Swissper app all of your messages will be erased and cannot be recovered.
Our system uses the most up-to-date secure encryption methods and algorithms.

Data is split into two distinct types, in transit and at rest. In both cases we have worked to layer our encryption so even if someone could break one, we have a strong back up waiting to protect information. No one layer is "stronger" or harder to break than the other.

Data in transit

Data in transit is any data that leaves the iOS device, either over a Cellular network or WIFI. The encryption at a "transit" level is split into two categories, network level and application level.

At the network level:

We use layers of security to create a protected "data tunnel", this acts as a connection between our servers, used to route your messages to where they are meant to go, and your device. This prevents anyone indiscriminately grabbing or monitoring data across a network seeing what you are sending. This makes our traffic safe for use on public or unknown WIFI networks. We use the following layers to protect our "data tunnel".

TLS 1.2 (HTTPS://) -

The first layer of security on our "data tunnel", widely used to protect internet traffic across the globe. We use it as part of our security to ensure that our traffic stays safe.

RSA 2048 and AES256-

Industry standard encryption techiniquies using Private and Public keys are used to secure your messages.

Data at Rest:

Once the data hits your device our app still works to encrypt everything. While no data is stored on our server, during the process of routing messages they are fully encrypted with the same layers of security. For added security we have more layers and security measures at a server level.

Data that is stored on the iOS device is secured using three distinctive layers of protection. Our first line of defence has been provided by Apple. We then add in our own layer.

1. iOS Sand Box

The security infrastructure in iOS is there to protect your app's data and the system as a whole. Security breaches can and will happen, so the first line of defence in iOS is to minimize the damage caused by such breaches by securing each app separately in its own sandbox.

2. iOS Data Storage Protection

Data protection uses the built-in encryption hardware present on specific devices to store files in an encrypted format on disk. While the user's device is locked, protected files are inaccessible even to the app that created them. The user must explicitly unlock the device (by entering the appropriate passcode) at least once before your app can access one of its protected files.

3. All the data stored in the APP's own data base is fully encrypted using the AES encryption algorithm.

The final layer

There is an unofficial final layer of security for iOS devices. The only way for someone to realistically get at your IM messages and data is to get physical access to your phone. Once they have access to your phone anyone can simply read your messages by opening the app!

To stop this follow a few simple security tips:

Always enable the pin lock on your phone. On 4S models and above they are unbreakable, even using specialised software claiming to do the job. This means that jailbreaking the phone (Unlocking all the Apple security) is next to impossible. Keeping your information safe.

Always keep you phone up to date. It normally takes online groups a few months to figure out how to jailbreak new iOS release. While they are doing this your phone is safe if it's up to date.

Always enable the in app lock screen. After 5 wrong attempts the app will be locked out for 5 minutes. After ten failed attempts the user will be logged out of the app.
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Swissper was created in 2013 to restore the balance of privacy, allowing everyday users access to high-level, easy to use encrypted communication.

Team Swissper have developed a range of mobile and desktop applications, based around our bespoke crypto library.

Swissper Messenger is downloadable in the App store. Android and Desktop launching Autumn 2016.

Each product has been developed to seamlessly integrate with the user's digital life, growing as the need to share digital information does.

Built from the ground up, Swissper's team is made up of in-house specialists in digital security, digital forensics and computer networking. However, we don't work alone; We engage with a number of external testers, who constantly test our products.

We utilise the strong and tested Swiss privacy laws, ensuring that all of your personal data is held securely on Swiss servers.

With everything working together we ensure that our products meet the highest levels of security and privacy.

Swissper restores confidence and control at a time of ever increasing threats to data security

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